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Once again from my in-laws’ home in Potomac, Maryland, here’s Plan Proponent’s Best of 2016 post. With our second year in the bag, we’ll dispense with the formalities and get straight to the Top 10, link by link. In honor of our Supreme

Earlier this month, Judge Carey in Delaware weighed in on third-party releases in his opinion confirming the Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan for Abeinsa Holdings, Inc., et al. Back in February, we reviewed Judge Delano’s third-party release decision in HWA Properties, a Middle District of Florida case. In that case, the court refused to permit


Back in July, we touched on the doctrine of equitable mootness in the context of a bankruptcy settlement agreement. Last week, the Delaware District Court employed equitable mootness in its opinion dismissing a plan confirmation appeal in the Allied Nevada Gold Corp. bankruptcy. Unless an appellant can raise a valid confirmation appeal before substantial consummation

Last month, Judge Laura Grandy, a bankruptcy judge in the Southern District of Illinois, entered confirmation opinion in STC, Inc.’s Chapter 11 case. The opinion is noteworthy for 2 reasons. First, it amounts to an excellent treatise on the Section 1129 confirmation requirements. Second, I’m honored that Judge Grandy cited in her opinion the American

One person’s successful confirmation of a plan of reorganization is another person’s bad faith abuse of the rules. Last month in In re The Village at Lakeridge, LLC, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals waded into just such an area: the intersection of claims buying, insider status, and plan voting. Specifically, it addressed whether a non-insider creditor who purchases a claim from an insider is considered an insider for voting purposes. While it is well-settled that an insider’s vote is not counted for confirmation purposes under § 1129(a)(10), it was an open question, at least in the Ninth Circuit, whether insider status follows the insider claim’s in the hands of a non-insider purchaser. This is an important confirmation issue, especially in close cases where every vote matters.

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