Administrative Expenses

Once again from my in-laws’ home in Potomac, Maryland, here’s Plan Proponent’s Best of 2017 post, a link by link Top 10 of our third year of blogging–although my wife just asked, in rather savage fashion, “Did you even have 10 posts this year?” Wow. (We had 11 posts, so one unlucky post about

For our scintillating “Back to School” post, we’ll discuss 11 U.S.C. § 1129(d), which deals with those rare Chapter 11 plans whose “principal purpose” is the “avoidance of taxes.” For most, including judges, § 1129(d) is an afterthought. Until recently, it only crept into my practice by accident: I’ve got a 10 a.m. confirmation

Admittedly, lawyers love gotchas. But in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Molycorp, Inc., a lender’s attorney, who apparently sought to pull a gotcha, ended-up being got. Specifically, Judge Sontchi ruled last week against a secured lender in the Molycorp case after that lender objected to $8+ million in administrative expenses incurred by the