(The Capitol from the Supreme Court on 12/30/16 via Dave’s iPhone)

Once again from my in-laws’ home in Potomac, Maryland, here’s Plan Proponent’s Best of 2016 post. With our second year in the bag, we’ll dispense with the formalities and get straight to the Top 10, link by link. In honor of our Supreme

East Texas drilling

This will be a placeholder post for the Baker Botts, L.L.P. v. ASARCO, LLC timeline. On March 17, Delaware’s Judge Shannon formally adopted in his New Gulf Resources Chapter 11 case Judge Walrath’s Baker Botts opinion in Delaware’s Boomerang Tube Chapter 11 case. We’ve been covering Baker Botts and the fee-defense cost issue since June

Baker Botts

On Monday in the Samson Resources Corporation Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, Delaware’s Judge Sontchi adopted Judge Walrath’s recentBaker Botts opinion in Delaware’s Boomerang Tube Chapter 11 case regarding fee-defense costs after Baker Botts. As we discussed last week, Judge Walrath’s opinion interpreted the U.S. Supreme Court’s Baker Botts, L.L.P. v. ASARCO opinion,

Supreme Court

 (courtesy of Dave’s iPhone on June 18, 2015)

Two Thursdays ago, we visited my wife’s family in Potomac, Maryland. In addition to seeing the usual sites, we did a Supreme Court “drive-by” and snapped the above photo, a very timely now outdated, but still very political picture.

Indeed, Friday morning, the Supreme Court issued its