(Kate B.’s “Turkey Art”) (2015)

On Thanksgiving no less (one of my favorite days to post), we continue our series about Georgia’s Ret. Judge W. Homer Drake, Jr. I’m running out of neat Judge Drake pictures so we’ll reuse Kate’s (abstract) Thanksgiving art instead.

You can find the introductory post here. After that, we covered the first half of Judge Drake’s Top 10 Chapter 11 confirmation opinions (#10 through #6) here. And then we covered #5 here. Today we’ll just cover #4 because it’s so extensive and I need to pick up our Fincher’s turkey by 11. We’ll wrap it up with the Top 3 by month-end.

With that, here is Judge Drake’s fourth most cited and perhaps his most scholarly and extensive confirmation opinion.Continue Reading Judges Series – Judge Homer Drake’s Top 10 Confirmation Opinions – Part 3 (#4)


(Kate B.’s “Turkey Art”) (2015)

Late yesterday afternoon, I advanced $1,167 to reopen a Chapter 11 case on the issue of a post-confirmation settlement dispute. The timing really didn’t occur to me until 1 of the 23 ECF recipients emailed me a “Happy Thanksgiving” but also kidded “A Thanksgiving eve filing? Doesn’t Ward ever let