Plan Proponent has been on an unplanned, one month hiatus due to competing client demands. But today I get a break, as I’m hanging out in Chicago this weekend with my best friend who retired at 46 and travels around the country, nomad style.

This month, he and his wife are in residence 47 floors up in the heart of Chicago. Saturday, we’ll watch Georgia/Florida from four states away. To tide us over this afternoon, these still-disappointed Braves fans toured Wrigley Field. It was awesome.

Thus, to kick-start the blog, I figured I’d revisit my very favorite posts—the “Baseball in October” posts. So, in case you missed it seven years ago to the month, here’s one of them, my Chicago Cubs Bankruptcy post from 2016 when the Cubs were (finally back) in the World Series and ended a 108-year draught by beating the Cleveland Indians Guardians in Game 7 (an instant classic) and in one of the greatest World Series of all time.

Of course, my hook was the Cubs’ short bankruptcy. Click the link and enjoy this re-posting:

October 2016 Cubs Bankruptcy Post

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