We figured we’d wrap-up a slow blogging year with a look back, just in time for the New Year and a New Decade. Believe it or not, Plan Proponent, which debuted on February 12, 2015, has occupied nearly half of the 2010s. And now, here we are, 26,786 clicks, 80 posts, and 94 email followers later. 

During that time, we covered most of the Supreme Court’s bankruptcy opinions since 2015; paid a bankruptcy tribute to Justice Scalia; found a tongue-in-cheek bankruptcy angle on Judge Merrick Garland’s failed Supreme Court bid; gave Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh a bankruptcy once over before their confirmations; wowed our audience with a deep dive into Thanksgiving Bankruptcy statistics; entertained my mom with bankruptcy posts about David Cassidy and a Christmas post about the Real Housewives of New Jersey; and never had more fun than when we “covered” the 2016, 2017, and 2019 World Series–a surprisingly successful period for two formerly bankrupt teams.

We also found time in between to cover Chapter 11 confirmation issues.

On the one hand, the blog generated only a single client but which, if my partners are reading, paid for all of the blog expenses to date. On the other hand, it garnered a few interviews with Reuters Legal, an interview with Law360, and even attention from a bankruptcy judge in South Korea of all places. Finally, it’s always gratifying but also strange when my own Google-based legal research turns-up a Plan Proponent hit. Yes, like 2,366 of you, I needed multiple refreshers on the small business debtor confirmation deadlines over the last five years–thanks, Tom!

With all of that, here are our Top 10 posts of the 2010s (i.e., ever):

10. Quarterly UST Reports and Fees in Reopened Chapter 11 Cases

9. ABI Commission Report – Cramdown Interest Rates

8. 20 Questions about Baker Botts v. ASARCO & “Fee-Defense” Costs – Part 1

7. Ninth Circuit Follows the Lead on Absolute Priority Rule

6. Book Excerpt: A Southern Lawyer’s Lunch with Harvey Miller

5. ABI Commission Report – Section 552(b) and the “Equities of the Case”

4. Justice Antonin Scalia’s Bankruptcy Opinions

3. David Cassidy and the Absolute Priority Rule

2. Revisiting § 1129(a)(7)’s “Best Interests of Creditors Test”

And, by a landslide, the winner is…

1. “Traps for the Unwary”: § 1129(e) and “Small Business Debtors”

That’s it for the 2010s. Thanks for following. 

Happy New Year and New Decade from Stone & Baxter, LLP!